TempoCemID allows the clinician to detect excess cement which can often be removed in one piece.  This esthetic-oriented, temporary cement is invisible when you want it to be, yet detectable when you need it to be.  Formulated for optimal transparency, TempoCemID will never impact the shade of your provisional.

PermaCem 2.0

NEW PermaCem2.0 by DMG America provides an exceptional self-adhesive bond to Zirconium! This universal, dual-cure composite luting cement can be used for the permanent cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and root posts without the need for separate enamel and dentin bonding. It is exceptionally flowable under pressure and excess can be easily removed. It is available in shades A2 (Universal), A3 (Opaque) and Transparent.

PermaCem Automix Dual

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A new, light curable, zero-expansion permanent cement that gives you a choice: light-cure in as little 40 seconds for maximum speed or allow the material to self-cure for increased working time. * Either way you get the workability, strength and performance that makes PermaCem Dual the cement you’ll want to stick with permanently.

PermaCem Dual Smartmix

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PermaCem® Dual Smartmix™ is a zero-expansion, light-curable universal compomer based permanent cement for use with all final restorations including precious, semi-precious and non-precious metal crowns.

TempoCem Smartmix

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Reliable, customized adhesion for all types of provisionals.


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TempoCem® is a zinc oxide/eugenol temporary cement designed for use with all types of provisionals. The presence of eugenol provides a "sedative" effect on the pulp. TempoCem temporary cement is used for cementing a provisional restoration during the period between the tooth preparation and seating of the final crown. It is also excellent for cementing in a final restoration during a "try in" period.

TempoCem NE

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TempoCem® NE zinc oxide non-eugenol cement is ideal for use in cases where a eugenol temporary cement is not recommended. Because any residue of eugenol may inhibit the polymerization of resin materials, TempoCem NE's non-eugenol formula is perfect for cases in which a resin material or a resin reinforced glass ionomer will be used for the final restoration.

TempoCem NE Smartmix

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TempoCem® NE Smartmix™ Temporary Cement is a gentle, patient friendly, eugenol-free formula for the cementation of provisional restorations, or for cementing final restorations during a “try-in” period, delivered in the new Smartmix handheld syringe.


The Ultimate Veneer Cementation System Only Vitique®, the dental industry's premier esthetic veneer cementation system, comes with the unparalleled Color Command™ system. Thanks to its unique proprietary formulation, Vitique's 8 try-in and permanent cement shades are perfectly matched. So the shade you see with the try-in is exactly what you get in the permanent restoration! Application is just as precise, with your choice of two advanced systems: For light cure, use the unique "ribbon" tip that perfectly fits the veneer for fast, precise placement.