Hygiene Products

Kolorz ClearShield 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

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No more ugly, yellow teeth! Kolorz ClearShield 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish goes on clear, with no embarrassing discoloration. And its great Kolorz watermelon, bubblegum and cookie dough flavor makes treatment a picnic for kids, and Mint flavor that will especially be appreciated by adults.

Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gel

Maximum strength 20% Benzocaine formula with no bitter aftertaste. Quick-onset Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gel Mint provide fast pain relief for periodontal curettage and other procedures. Choose from 5 great-tasting Kolorz flavors!

Kolorz Neutral Fluoride Foam

Neutral pH formula contains 2% Sodium Fluoride (0.9% Fluoride ion) and great Kolorz Triple Mint flavor! Smooth foam consistency makes fluoride treatments a breeze for patients!

Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel

Available in economical 16 oz bottles, Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel has a thixotropic formula that will not run under bite pressure. Five great-tasting Kolorz flavors are Aspartame and Saccharin free.

Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Foam

Dental hygiene never tasted so great! Patients love the smooth foam consistency of Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Foam. Contains non-caloric natural sweeteners, and XYLITOL. Comes in 4 great-tasting Kolorz flavors!

Kolorz Prophylaxis Paste

Kolorz Prophy Pastes offer advanced GLUTEN-FREE formulas in a choice of grits. Available in 4 great-tasting flavors, including multi-flavor Kids’ Carnival Pak