Impression Materials

Honigum Rigid X-tra Fast

Honigum Rigid X-tra Fast is a rapid setting, very rigid, heavy bodied VPS impression material for customized impression trays, including edentulous impression techniques.

Honigum Mono Quad Fast

Honigum Automix Mono Quad Fast is a monophase VPS impression material with a quick snap set to prevent distortion, yet is easily removable. It is indicated for use with crown and bridge as well as inlay and onlay impressions. In addition, it works well with the Honigum Rigid X-tra Fast material.

StatusBlue Situation Impression Material

StatusBlue® is an innovative A-silicone situation impression material for use with the MixStar machine.* Specifically designed as a high efficiency alternative to traditional alginates, new StatusBlue is easy-to-use for situation impressions of all kinds. Use it for impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models and for opposing jaw models. Unlike alginates, StatusBlue is 100% dust-free and can be cold disinfected, allowing for clean, neat and safe impression taking.

StatusBlue Situation Impression Material for Automix Guns

Specal Offer
StatusBlue is an efficient, clean and stable alginate alternative supplied in convenient 50ml cartridges for Type 50 automix guns. StatusBlue’s innovative A-silicone formula makes it quick and easy to take situation impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models, and opposing jaw models. Unlike traditional alginates, StatusBlue is 100% dust-free and can be cold disinfected, allowing for clean and safe impression taking as well as delayed pouring, or re-pouring of impressions.

MixStar - eMotion

Specal Offer
The most advanced dynamic mixing machine available, new MixStar-eMotion offers fully automatic, hands-free operation and is easily programmable for different impression materials.

Tray Adhesive (Accessory)

DMG Tray Adhesive (for A-Silicones) is formulated to offer optimal adhesive between addition-silicone-based impression materials (VPS), and minimally retentive or non retentive metal, plastic or resin trays. it is ideal for use with all impression materials, especially Honigum. Available in 10 ml bottles.