Icon debuts in Popular Science magazine

Icon debuts in Popular Science magazine reaching 6.7 million readers in February 2010.

ENGLEWOOD, NJPopular Science, which is known for reporting on the intersection of science and everyday life, featured Icon, the caries infiltrant system by DMG America, in the Med Tech section of its February 2010 issue. Popular Science is published in five languages and nine countries around the world, and is the fifth-oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. It also has a very popular website, “This was our best coverage yet,” says George Wolfe, DMG America President. “First we were on The Doctors, then Fox News, and then BetterTV. More and more people are hearing about how dentists using the Icon system can, in many cases, potentially help them avoid drilling and anesthesia to arrest early dental caries.”

Introduced by DMG America in September 2009, Icon® uses micro-invasive technology to fill and reinforce demineralized enamel without drilling, anesthesia, or sacrificing healthy tooth structure. Icon, which stands for Infiltration Concept, is a true breakthrough in restorative dentistry indicated for the treatment of white spot lesions and incipient decay. Icon® enables dentists to treat incipient lesions upon discovery, effectively removing white spots and arresting the progression of early carious lesions. It works by capillary action and is light cured to harden the resin after placement. Previously, it was necessary for dental professionals to “wait and watch” early caries until they were big enough to justify drilling and filling, and they had only more invasive options for treating discoloration such as white spot lesions that could not be eliminated by tooth whitening.

            “Icon is the first micro-invasive dental product that can be used in just one patient visit to arrest caries progression, remove white spot lesions, and increase the life expectancy of treated teeth,” says Tim Haberstumpf, DMG Director of Marketing. “All this recent press coverage has introduced millions of patients to the concept that this type of treatment avoids the pain of the drill that comes with a traditional restoration and, most importantly, it saves tooth structure immediately and in the long run. Patients really appreciate that!”

To view the complete Popular Science article, visit: . To view full clips from the television spots, complete product descriptions and treatment steps, a training video, and an overview of the international studies currently being conducted with Icon, visit the ‘Drilling? No Thanks!’ website at

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