PermaCem Dual

  • Dual-curing
  • Universal use
  • Zero-expansion
  • Long-term fluoride release
  • Excellent margin fit
  • Biocompatible 
PermaCem Dual

Reliability you can count on.

PermaCem Dual is a zero-expansion, dual-cure universal compomer based permanent cement for use with all final restorations including precious, semi-precious and non-precious metal crowns including ceramic crowns.

The DMG technology combines the advantages of glass ionomer cements (long-term fluoride release, biocompatibility) and composites (insolubility, excellent margin fit) in this one material.

The dual-cure properties provides flexibility to your workflow system. You can light-cure in as little 40 seconds for maximum speed or let it self-cure in minutes for increased working time. Perfect for final cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers composed of metal, ceramic and composite.

Convenience at your fingertips

PermaCem Dual is available in convenient and economical dispensing system: automix. 

In the Automix system the material is automatically dosed, mixed, and can be directly applied.

The dispensing systems incorporate separate outlets for base and catalyst outlets preventing cross contamination.  There is no mixing, air bubbles, or wasted material due to over mixing. It ensures predictable, accurate, consistent and homogenous mix every time.


PermaCem Dual Automix

110525 PermaCem Dual Automix Refill Kit - Transparent
1 52 gm cartridge
40 Mixing cannulas

PermaCem Dual Accessories

110253 Type-25 applicator gun
1 Applicator Gun
110266 Automix Mixing cannulas
1 Bag of 50


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