If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

DMG America has delivered some of the most widely used and clinically successful dental products to North America. We’ve introduced several groundbreaking technologies to the professional dental industry that have led to the development of market-leading products like Luxatemp, the first provisional restorative material in a cartridge; LuxaCore Dual, the premium core build-up material; and Kolorz, one of the fastest-growing dental hygiene product lines in the U.S. market. In 2009, DMG America created a new category with the launch of Icon, the first and only product to arrest incipient caries through resin infiltration without drilling, anesthesia, or pain.

With these, and many more "first-of-its-kind" innovations, DMG America proudly stands behind its doctrine of “Dental Milestones Guaranteed”.

Some DMG America Milestones:

1990 – Luxatemp, the first temporary crown and bridge material from the cartridge

1997 – Introduction of a new impression technology: Honigum with rheologically active matrix

1997 – Market leader in the US with Luxatemp

1998 – The first cement worldwide from the cartridge: PermaCem

1999 – Fully automatic mixing device for impression materials: MixStar

2004 – Premium luting cement with patented application form: Vitique

2006 – Introduction of LuxaPost, the first DMG root post

2009 – Icon, the first product to help correct incipient caries through caries infiltration – without drilling

2012 – Inseparable: PermaCem 2.0 provides secure self-adhesion to zircon

2017 – Ecosite Bulk Fill and Ecosite Bond the perfect pair

2019 – LuxaCrown: the chairside way to long-lasting crowns