Ecosite Bulk Fill Named “Top 25 Aesthetic/Restorative Product”

18 April 2019

Ecosite  Bulk  Fill  was  named  a  “Readers’  Choice  Top  25 Aesthetic/Restorative Product” by Dentistry Today magazine.

Like other bulk fills, Ecosite Bulk Fill delivers significant time savings versus the traditional multi-layer technique  using  a  flowable composite.    Unlike  other  bulk  fills,  however,  Ecosite  also  delivers exceptionally aesthetic and durable restorations and does so with outstanding ease of use. 

Ecosite’s  special  nano-technology  enables  extremely  homogeneous  distribution  of  submicron  particles ensuring  outstanding  low  shrinkage  stress  and  optimum  polishability  for  a  high  shine finish.This  superior shrinkage stress, coupled with Ecosite’s 5 mm depth, makes it particularly advantageous when replacing deep amalgam restorations. 

Ecosite’s outstanding ease of use stems from many advantages.  Unlike other bulk fills, Ecosite allows sufficient time  to  pack  the  restoration. It further optimizes  productivity  with  a  single  20-second  composite  cure  and excellent adaptability, packability and handling, and it does not require a capping layer or stick to instruments. As its Readers’ Choice honor indicates, Ecosite Bulk Fill truly represents the state of the art in bulk fill composites.