Good Read: All About the Edentulous Workflow

12 September 2022

Title: The Right Clinical Work-Up – and the Right Impression Material – When Creating Dentures for Edentulous Patients

Authors: Austyn Feldmann and Steffen Rohrbach, ZT

Introduction: "Our dental laboratory has been told frequently over the years that the amount of preclinical training dental school students receive on removable prosthetics is continuing to decline. This is particularly problematic when you consider that the process for creating a denture is one of the most complex types of restorations and hence requires more communication between the dentist and the laboratory than other restorations. As a result, creating dentures has probably never been more challenging for dentists, which is why the quality of the average denture produced today may be well below what it was 30 or more years ago. And that’s why our laboratory has committed itself to bridging the knowledge gap and helping dentists and technicians alike become much more successful with the dentures they provide their edentulous patients. ..."

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