Revolutionizing Minimally Invasive Dentistry with Resin Infiltration

31 January 2022

“Interproximal incipient caries, white spot lesions, fluorosis, hypo-mineralization. What would you do if it was your child, your friend, yourself? Would you cut into the tooth to place an intra-coronal restoration? Would you look for alternate treatment options? We all know that intra-coronal restorations come with removal of plenty of healthy tooth structure to access the lesion. Additionally, they come with risk of failure and subsequent re-treatment, taking even more tooth structure and more risk of failure. What would you do? Do you drill into the tooth or do you use re-mineralization modalities like fluoride varnish, calcium phosphate, silver fluoride, cross your fingers and hold your breath that the lesion doesn’t progress? One option is to use resin infiltration which is a minimally invasive and more definitive approach.”

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