Digital 3D printing solutions for dental practices

  • Efficient Single Print Capsule system
  • High-speed precision processing
  • Compact unit saves space
  • Easy to use
  • Software supported validated workflow
  • Compatible with 3Dewash and 3Decure units
  • Compatible with all standard STL files
  • Excellent ROI

Economical Entry into 3D Printing

The 3Delite 3D printer is specifically designed for fast and easy production of single crowns, 3-unit bridges, splints, surgical guides and custom trays. An efficient and economical option, the compact 3Delite offers the advantages of a fully digital workflow without the major costs and time investment typically associated with traditional full-size 3D printers.

Simple 3D Printing

With the 3Delite, 3D printing starts with the touch of a button. The practical and efficient Single Print Capsule system allows simple, clean loading, and contains everything needed for respective applications. Precisely portioned quantities of materials substantially reduce waste as well as any risk of cross-contamination. Any residual material is also cured during processing, resulting in non-hazardous materials that are easily disposed of with regular waste.

Safe and Fast

Much like the 3Demax, the 3Delite is exceptionally easy to calibrate and utilizes RFID (radio frequency identification) technology that enables automatic material identification. This advanced technology eliminates incorrect usage of materials, while ensuring MDR-compliant documentation of data.


The 3Dewash cleaning unit offers systematic and standardized cleaning of printed devices. Pre-set programs are specifically designed and tailored to individual indications and materials for a user-friendly unit.


The 3Decure curing unit provides the final step of the 3D printing process. Pre-set programs ensure specific and appropriate curing according to individual material specifications and documentation.


170314 3Delite
171354 3Delite Force Feedback


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