MixStar eMotion

Mixing made easy

  • Fully automatic hands-free operation
  • Compatible with wide range of materials
  • 3 selectable speeds
  • Efficiently mixes and delivers the most viscous materials
  • 2 timers: working and setting times
  • Easy to use and quick processing
  • Easily programmable for different materials
  • More efficient and less waste
  • Consistent homogeneous, bubble-free material
MixStar eMotion

High-Speed Design and Fully Automatic Mixing.

Mixing has never been easier, faster and so safe. The MixStar eMotion presents the latest generation of fully automated impression material mixing. It includes two built-in times indicating working and setting times for up to 99 different combinations. It is easily programmable for different impression materials.
The easy to use high-tech device can be controlled with only one hand with a quick push of a button operation.

Versatility included.

Regardless of your impression material and technique preferences, the MixStar-eMotion truly makes your daily work easier. The mixing machine provides clean, easy and hands-free mixing and dispensing of pre-filled 380ml cartridges for which there is an extensive range of high-quality DMG impression materials to choose from.

Compatibility with other DMG products
Features Benefits
Fully automatic Easy to operate
Hands-free operation with optional foot pedal
Three (3) speed levels Fast and time efficient
Tailored to the dental team’s different needs
Two (2) timers: working and setting time Error-free treatment process
Consistent homogeneous and bubble-free material quality Optimal dosage
Perfect mixing ratio
USB interface to update the software Always current


Honigum: An entire family for highest precision

Typically, impression materials are either especially flowable or stable. Thanks to its patented rheologically active matrix, Honigum, yields best results in both. As a result, Dental Advisor awarded Honigum with the best clinical rating* of all 50 tested vinyl polysiloxanes. Honigum Heavy was also recommended for implant impressions by the renowned Brånemark Center, thanks to its outstanding fixation capacity. And Honigum MixStar Putty provides a real putty material for fully automated mixing from the MixStar cartridge.

StatusBlue: The VPS alginate alternative

Due to its high dimensional stability, impressions taken with StatusBlue neither shrink nor swell. Thus allowing for easy long-term storage of the impression for weeks and ensuring exact fit.

The long shelf life also allows an impression to be poured several times. Repeat or multiple impressions, due to fracture of a temporary for example, are thus no longer necessary. In a comparison of "alginates and alginate replacement materials" performed by the US test institute The Dental Advisor, StatusBlue received the highest rating of all materials.**

The optimized MixStar cartridges have color-coded locking-systems to distinguish between the different product variations. The labels also indicate the respective working time and the setting time in the mouth for easy orientation and the prevention of errors. 

*The Dental advisor, vol. 23, no. 3
**The Dental advisor, vol. 24, no. 2, p. 2-7



Using the MixStar eMotion is very easy. A push of a button is all it takes for fully automated dosing, mixing and application with precision. Unlike others available on the market, the start button does not need to be held down during the mixing and dosing process. This makes work particularly easy and hands-free. To make things even easier the unit features two timer functions for the working time and the setting time in the mouth, which allows you to program, store and easily retrieve the respective times for the different impression materials.


The MixStar-eMotion is the only mixing device featuring three different speed levels, the highest of which delivers twice as fast as its predecessor model, the MixStar. For loading the tray, for example, you can save up to 20 seconds, thus gaining additional working time for the material. The different speed levels were implemented in order to optimize the impression taking process. Whether you are an experienced or novice assistant, the MixStar eMotion offers the right speed for every situation.


In an electronically controlled manner the MixStar eMotion provides a consistent homogeneous and bubble-free material. The material always comes optimally dispensed into the tray and material waste is reduced to a minimum. By programming and storing the correct working and setting times, mixing and impression errors can be prevented. The appropriate times are specified on the DMG MixStar cartridges to further support an error-free treatment procedure.


MixStar eMotion

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