Natural Cure Composite

Macro filled composite for anterior cosmetic restorations

  • Reduces microleakage
  • Universal color match for esthetic restorations
  • Eliminates incremental layering
Natural Cure Composite

The Zenith Natural Cure Composite is used for permanent and temporary restorative procedures.

Natural Cure Composite is a self-curing macro filled composite for anterior cosmetic restorations. Its low shrinkage rate greatly reduces microleakage caused by polymerization contraction.

The self-curing properties eliminates the need for incremental layering. It is visible on an x-ray and is available in a universal color match (A2 shade).

Natual Cure Composite Physical Properties

Property     Value
Compressive strength:    37,000 PSI
Transverse Strength:    13,300 PSI
Vickers Hardness:    87
Thermal Expansion:    29 PPM
Radiopaque:    Yes
Water Sorption:    0.6 Mg/cm2
Filler % by Weight:    80%
Filler Content:    Bis-GMA based (Quartz-Barium Glass)
Particle Size:    10-12 microns


Natual Cure Composite

61050 28gm Kit
1 14gm base
1 14gm catalyst
100 disposable mixing spatulas
2 coated mixing pads


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