Superior bite registration

  • Superb accuracy
  • Outstanding stability
  • Non-technique sensitive
  • Hard VPS-based bite registration material
  • Superior break resistance
  • Minimal bite resistance
Compatibility with other DMG products
Features Benefits
Maximum final hardness Rigid repositioning on the model
Good break resistance Easy trimming and contour shaping
Reduced risk of breakage
Long working time Application on the entire mandibular arch
Short setting Rapid-fixing bite situation
Fresh fruity orange scent Increased patient comfort

High final hardness.

O-Bite has been designed to be the hardest VPS-based bite registration material. This property eliminates errors caused by compression of softer bite materials during articulation on the model. The superior hardness and perfect flow of O-Bite insures exact replication of intercuspal position for perfectly fitting restorations.

Excellent break resistance.

O-Bite exhibits outstanding break resistance. The structure of the VPS material is achieved through silicone chains of equal length which create a stable linking formation when cured. This feature guarantees high break resistance during removal, cutting and repositioning on the model.

Easy bite registration making.

O-Bite makes bite registrations easier for you, your patients and your lab. It is a soft, non-gritty, thixotropic, patient-friendly orange material with a neutral taste and pleasant orange scent. O-Bite's dispenser system allows for easy mixing and dispensing, precise placement and maximum efficiency. O-Bite requiresno special technique and will not stick to undercuts or existing restorations. Once you've removed the registration from the mouth, simply trim it with a standard scalpel or burr, disinfect it and send it off to the lab.

O-Bite Physical Properties


Setting Time

1:30 seconds (in mouth)

Shore A Hardness


Base/Catalyst Ratio


Working Time

30 seconds

Dimensional Stability


Accuracy, predictability and speed.

O-Bite is a superior bite registration material that provides you with exceptional accuracy, predictability and speed. Specifically developed to yield more stable and precise bite registrations, O-Bite’s proprietary vinyl polysiloxane formulation offers a Shore A Hardness of 94 providing unrivaled stability and resistance to breakage.

Use O-Bite with confidence for all types of bite registrations. The material's accuracy helps to reduce or eliminate chairside occlusal adjustments to restorations, saving you time and ensuring greater comfort for your patients. O-Bite's exceptional stability even makes it possible to capture full jaw bow registrations. Super-hard O-Bite bite registrations are dimensionally stable with the ability to withstand warm weather, storage, shipping, cold disinfection, and model mounting without flexing or distortion.

O-Bite was awarded 4 Stars by independent test institute "Reality" and achieved first place in user evaluations, beating all other bite registration materials tested.



999765 Introductory Package
4 50ml 1:1 Cartridges
15 Automix Tips

O-Bite Accessories

999202 Automix Tips
50 Pink 1:1 Tips
999507 Automix Dispenser
1 Type 50 1:1 Gun