At DMG, our high-quality dental materials, innovative application forms, and treatment concepts are now appreciated by dentists and dental technicians across North America. For many dental clinics and dental laboratories around the world, DMG is now a truly global ‘Made in Germany’ brand.

The history of DMG America goes back to the year 1963, when Ernst Mühlbauer founded a company in Hamburg, Germany to manufacture professional dental materials. He named the company DMG, or Dental Material-Gesellschaft. The premium-quality products developed in the company’s laboratories were immediately successful.. 
Fast forward about twenty years to 1982. In Englewood, New Jersey, the company Zenith Dental was born and soon thereafter a partnership was formed with DMG. Originally a division of Foremost Dental, Zenith Dental went on to deliver groundbreaking technologies to the North American professional dental industry.  After decades of successful cooperation, in 2008, Zenith Dental rebranded itself as DMG America. 

Shaping dental progress together

Every development in dentistry and dental technology is a benefit for mankind. At DMG, we have been actively shaping this process since 1963 – in a collaborative exchange with users. Today, we think primarily in terms of holistic solutions and validated workflows that make your work easier both in the dental clinic and in the lab. From the microinvasive treatment of caries treatment without drilling to the development of digital workflows for 3D printing. Together with you, we want to drive dental progress through product and service quality for users and patients alike, and to promote networking and collaboration.

Investing in the future of dentistry

Digitalization, modern restoration concepts, prevention, and early intervention are the fascinating fields of development in which we are active for your benefit. Our goal: To create sophisticated solutions at the highest level of quality that open doors to new possibilities for our customers, both in technological and economic terms. There’s a good reason why we’ve made ‘Quality meets future’ a central theme. Together with you, we’re looking ahead – a smile ahead together!

Excellent global network

DMG maintains an ever-growing international network of practice and research, offering valuable insights to make your dental work easier. We are extremely grateful for this trusting partnership and we look forward to shaping the dental future together with you in the decades to come.

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DMG is providing a helping hand

DMG’s commitment to innovation in the dental industry is fostered by developing strong relationships with our partners. Our goal remains to streamline the lives of dental professionals by producing premium quality dental materials, and it is by collaborating with other organizations, professionals and influencers that we can help put our customers in a better position for success. 

We collaborate with our partners in many ways and you can read about it in our news and online resources. Take a peak at the partners that are helping build the future.