The Ecosite family of composite materials can be used in a variety of ways for all classes of restorations:

  • The right materials for every situation
  • Impressive esthetics – every time
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Bonding agent

The best bonding values in every situation with the DMG-quality bonding portfolio:

  • From the total-etch classic to the genuine universal bond
  • Everything perfectly coordinated
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Underfilling material

Employs patented controlled expansion:

  • Bonds to dentin and composite
  • Protects the pulp
  • Micro-expansion agent
  • Light cured for plenty of working time
  • Prevents post-operative sensitivity
  • Fluoride release: antibacterial properties
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Core build-ups and root posts

Premium materials from endodontics experts, with products and the makers of LuxaCore Z:

  • Products tailored perfectly to each other
  • Many years of material expertise
  • Approved and tried-and-tested in clinical practice millions of times over
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