COMING SOON! FREE CE Webinar Traditional vs. 3D Printed Bleaching Tray, A Clear Difference

13 October 2023

Shannon Pace on 3D printed bleaching trays

• Learn the fundamentals of designing bleaching trays using CAD software, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal bleach coverage for each patient.
• Understand how to engage and educate patients about the benefits of 3D-printed bleaching trays, ensuring their satisfaction and compliance.
• Streamline your 3D printing process, from digital scanning to final tray delivery, saving time and resources while maintaining high-quality standards and its impact on ROI
• Examine real-life case studies showcasing successful 3D-printed bleaching tray treatments, highlighting the before-and-after results.
• Understand the workflow and office integration: who should be doing 3D printing and design in your practice?

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