Dive into the future of Dental Esthetics: DentaMile’s Workflow Bleaching Trays!

01 October 2023

Discover the next level of dental esthetics with DentaMile’s revolutionary approach. We focus on custom 3D-printed bleaching trays and an easy, precise, and rapid workflow that delivers exceptional results. From start to finish, our automation streamlines the process for you. 

The results are even more impressive with Icon treatment added before or after.

Our cloud-based workflow simplifies in-house custom bleaching tray creation, ensuring comfortable results for the patient. Dental practices equipped with the DMG 3D printers and LuxaPrint resins can elevate their services by offering at-home use trays.

Did you know that these trays also serve as carriers for individual fluoride therapy? 

Visit our website now to learn more about the future of dental esthetics and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our latest digital printer addition, the DentaMile Desk MC-5 System

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