DMG Adds Innovative Automated Lab Printer Series to DentaMile Portfolio

01 March 2023


Ridgefield Park, New Jersey – DMG has announced the launch of two 3D-validated DLP printers for dental laboratories, the DentaMile Lab 5 and DentaMile Lab 5 Pro. The two printers are designed to support ultra-efficient high volume 3D printing.

Both printers come equipped with a plethora of features that include a large build platform for optimized multiple device production, patented “Force Feedback” technology, a high-precision 4K light source, RFID technology, fast print speeds, automatic hands-free hood opening, and intelligent connectivity with the DMG’s post-processing units. 

The combination of “Force Feedback” technology and a 4K light source facilitates the high-speed precision (+/- 30 microns) that laboratories require, while the RFID technology greatly reduces the potential for misapplications. 

The DentaMile Lab 5 is the ideal efficient 3D solution for most large dental laboratories. For laboratories seeking an even higher-powered automated solution, the DentaMile Lab 5 Pro is equipped with both an automated separation module and a resin reservoir refill. Following print jobs, parts are automatically separated from the build platform via a blade and deposited into a collection basket. The resin reservoir is then automatically refilled and ready for your next print job. These extraordinary capabilities mean that the DentaMile Lab 5 Pro makes worry-free overnight print jobs possible. 

The DentaMile Lab 5 and DentaMile Lab 5 Pro can be used very efficiently in concert with several companion components of DMG’s complete digital solution: the 3Dewash and 3Decure post-processing units, and the LuxaPrint line of 3D printing resins. 

The 3Dewash is an easy-to-use, integrated wash solution that offers systematic and standardized washing of printed appliances. The 3Decure curing unit ensures appropriate curing with 360° illumination. Both units feature convenient pre-set programs for a quick and easy start to post-processing. The LuxaPrint suite of resins are light-cured materials delivering a high level of precision with easy finishing and processing, and are available for a variety of dental indications. The LuxaPrint family of resins includes LuxaPrint Ortho, LuxaPrint Tray, LuxaPrint Ortho Plus, LuxaPrint Model, LuxaPrint Ortho Flex, LuxaPrint Cast, and LuxaPrint Gingiva.

DentaMile connect is a revolutionary, cloud-based software solution for the seamlessly integrated CAD/CAM manufacture of dental devices such as occlusal splints. DentaMile connect efficiently facilitates digital mapping and documentation of 3D fabrication processes. 

The combination of DMG’s state-of-the-art new lab printer series, post-processing systems, and extensive suite of resins offers dental professionals a complete and integrated 3D printing solution to simplify and validate their workflow.

For more information, dental laboratories may:

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