DMG America Partners with Mommy Dentists in Business to Connect with “Momtrepreneurs”

02 November 2018


DMG America is excited to announce a new partnership with the thriving new group for mommy dentists, Mommy Dentists in Business (MDIB). Founded by Grace Yum in 2018, MDIB continues to welcome new members every day, as they share best practices and support one another on their journeys as both entrepreneurs and moms. 

The idea of partnering together began when Dr. Yum noticed there was, among others, a recurring “hot topic” with her members: Icon. Developed by DMG in 2009, this micro-invasive, revolutionary resin-infiltration treatment is helping dentists around the world treat early caries without the need for drilling or anesthesia. Seeking to increase their I.Q. on the subject and learn how they might potentially incorporate the treatment in their own practices, Dr. Yum took initiative and connected with DMG America to learn more. 

DMG America and MDIB have already hit the ground running, providing education, resources and support to its members, and are looking forward to collaborating closely in the future.  

Mommy Dentists in Business Founder, Grace Yum, recently stated that “Mommy Dentists in Business is a group of mom dentists that are majority business owners. We strive to keep up with the newest and greatest technology and dental products to offer our patients. This is why I am excited to partner with DMG, to bring their products to our doctors and patients!"  

To learn more about Mommy Dentists in Business, or to become a member, visit