DMG Continues 3D Printing Validation with LuxaPrint Ortho, now Approved for Asiga

02 November 2021

Dental materials leader expands validation of its resin materials with LuxaPrint Ortho

Ridgefield Park, NJ, November 3, 2021 – DMG announced that one of its original 3D printing resins, LuxaPrint Ortho, is now approved for use with the Asiga 3D printers.  

Earlier this year, DMG announced that it has expanded the validation of its dental 3D printing resins to now include LuxaPrint Ortho, the ideal light-curing 3D printer resin used to fabricate dental surgical guides and splints. The material is now validated for use with the Asiga 3D printers. Validation of the material means it is approved for use with specific printers in addition to the Company’s own 3D technology line. 

The complete DMG 3D Digital Printing Solution includes:

  • 3D integrated technology: the 3Demax, a DLP 3D printer; the 3Dewash cleaning unit; and the 3Decure curing unit 
  • 3D resins: LuxaPrint Cast, LuxaPrint Model, LuxaPrint Ortho, LuxaPrint Tray, LuxaPrint Gingiva, and coming soon LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

DMG’s high-quality resin addition to the LuxaPrint line was specifically designed to meet the high demands of an implant. LuxaPrint Ortho also has 99% transparency, an important material benefit for dental professionals. High transparency ensures the clearest view of the surgical field, yielding reliable support and full control. In addition, the autoclavable material’s excellent flow properties and printing parameters ensure optimal production of highly accurate, precise fitting surgical guides and splints. 

LuxaPrint Ortho and the entire LuxaPrint line of 3D printing resins is intended for use with DLP/SLA printers that work at wavelengths of 385 nm. The large build plate size and fast printing speeds of the Company’s 3Demax printer are two important factors worth considering for those producers looking to optimize both their workflow and output. 

Over the last 10 months, DMG has rolled out a complete 3D Digital Printing Solution and a suite of high-quality resins to the dental market. LuxaPrint resins are easy to use and meet the highest quality standards, while offering dental professionals a validated digital workflow and intuitive system that has a short learning curve and improves lab and dental practice productivity. 

For more information or to learn more about DMG’s line of LuxaPrint 3D printing resins, click here.

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