DMG Launches Complete 3D Digital Printing Solution to Simplify and Validate Workflow

11 January 2021

DMG announced that its complete 3D Digital Printing Solution featuring advanced 3D technology and industry-leading resins is now available.

The Company’s complete 3D Digital Printing Solution includes:

  • 3D integrated technology: the 3Demax, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer; the 3Dewash cleaning unit; and the 3Decure curing unit 
  • 3D resins: LuxaPrint Cast, LuxaPrint Model, LuxaPrint Ortho, LuxaPrint Tray, and LuxaPrint Gingiva

This launch marks the culmination of years of dedicated effort by DMG to develop a complete solution offering an integrated, more simplified, and validated approach to dental 3D printing for both new and experienced users. As leaders in innovative restorative dental materials, prosthetics, and technology, DMG’s digital portfolio offers all the components needed for an efficient digital workflow from a single source.

There are three integrated components to DMG’s 3D printing technology:

  • The 3Demax is a powerful 3D printer that delivers ultra-fine (+/- 34 micron) resolution and utilizes RFID technology to minimize the risk of misprints. Its patented Force Feedback technology accelerates printing speed by up to 50%, and its ultra-compact footprint measures just over one square foot. The 3Demax is ideal for surgical guides, burn-out casting molds, mouth guards, occlusal splints, crowns and bridges, physical models and more.
  • The 3Dewash is a fully integrated unit that washes the remaining non-polymerized resin from 3D printed devices. 
  • The 3Decure is a fully integrated unit that conveniently cures 3D resins with 360° illumination. 

A fourth component – DentaMile connect software – will be available later in the year and will integrate with these three pieces of hardware. The intuitive, cloud-based software solution connects and aligns all components and documents, while securing and validating the fabrication workflow for the printed devices created using DMG’s complete 3D Digital Printing Solution.  

Complementing the Company’s integrated technology line is LuxaPrint, the line-up of high-quality, light-cured dental materials for additive digital prosthetics: 

  • LuxaPrint Model, designed for the fabrication of highly precise and esthetically demanding 3D printed models, including thermoformed splints. 
  • LuxaPrint Ortho, an autoclavable resin with 99% transparency, used for the fabrication of highly precise surgical guides and splints.
  • LuxaPrint Tray, suitable for all types of 3D printed custom impression trays.
  • LuxaPrint Gingiva, ideal for the precise replication of natural-looking gingival masks to help simulate the periodontal status for dental laboratory or master models. 
  • LuxaPrint Cast, designed for the fabrication of residue-free burn-out molds (e.g., model and denture framework castings, crowns, and bridges). 

Additional resin materials will be available later in the year. Learn more about LuxaPrint resins.

DMG’s extensive line-up of LuxaPrint resins, combined with the Company’s three pieces of hardware and soon with its DentaMile connect software, offers dental professionals a complete and integrated 3D Digital Printing Solution to simplify and validate their workflow.

For more information, dental professionals may:

  • Request a 3D digital printed sample, click here
  • Schedule a demo using DMG’s online appointment page, click here.
  • Contact their DMG rep.