DMG’s Ecosite Bulk Fill Named One of Dentistry’s Top 100 Products

10 June 2019

Ecosite Bulk Fill has been named one of the “Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products of 2019” by Dentistry Today.  The winning products were selected based on the number of readers requesting information on the products during the course of the year.

Ecosite Bulk Fill represents the state of the art in bulk fill composites. It not only delivers dramatic time savings versus the traditional multi-layer technique using a flowable composite, it also produces more durable and esthetic restorations.  Moreover, it avoids the two drawbacks traditionally associated with bulk fill composites: compromised esthetics due to high translucence, and insufficient time to pack the restoration. Ecosite Bulk Fill optimizes productivity with a maximum depth of 5mm, a single 20-second composite cure, low shrinkage stress, and excellent adaptability, packability and handling.  It also delivers high polishabiilty, fluoride release and truly exceptional esthetics, and it does not require a capping layer or stick to instruments. 

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“DMG’s new nanotechnology of sub-micron particles in Ecosite Bulk Fill creates a truly superior result,” said David R. Rice, DDS, founder of the IgniteDDS student and new dentist community. “The greater depth of cure of 5mm and reduced polymerization shrinkage give me the confidence to place fewer and larger increments with predictability.” 

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