DMG’s New Precision Placement Delivery System for Dental Materials Enhances Dental Workflow

19 February 2019

DMG has introduced a precision placement delivery system for a wide range of dental materials. The new Composite Dispenser is particularly effective with DMG’s Ecosite Bulk Fill composite.

Designed for the placement of dental materials precisely and accurately into the oral cavity, the ergonomic Composite Dispenser will simplify the workflow of dental professionals. It allows for fast and easy placement of composites as well as other dental materials such as cements and glass ionomers. Additionally, it has comfortable handle grips and maneuvers easily while allowing for an effortless load.

DMG’s Composite Dispenser offers dental professionals:

  • Quick, easy and precise placement of materials
  • Convenient autoclaving for infection control
  • Comfort and ease when holding and maneuvering
  • Effortless loading

The combination of the Composite Dispenser and Ecosite Bulk Fill can have a significant synergistic effect on a practice’s productivity. Ecosite’s state-of-the-art technology avoids the two traditional drawbacks associated with bulk fill composites: short working time and sub-optimal esthetics. Instead, it offers a maximum depth of 5mm, a single 20-second composite cure, low shrinkage stress, and excellent adaptability, packability and handling. It also delivers high polishability, extra fluoride release and truly exceptional esthetics, and it does not require a capping layer or stick to instruments.