FREE CE Webinar: How Digital Dentistry Overcomes Everyday Challenges for Every Dentist

04 January 2023

Course Topic: How Digital Dentistry Overcomes Everyday Challenges for Every Dentist

Date & Time: February 9th, 2023 @ 7pm EST

Presenter: Dr. Hugh Flax

CE Credits: 1

The world of dentistry has been experiencing seismic shifts over the last 20 years with advances in technology and materials. Our ability to digitally acquire data and utilize it to efficiently design, print, and manufacture all sorts of restorations continues to grow on a yearly basis. In addition, dental practices are experiencing the benefits of less patient discomfort, improved time efficiency, simplified procedures for the dentist, no more plaster casts, better communication with the lab technician and with the patient in terms of planning and satisfaction.

The good news is with a systematic, methodical approach you can minimize those shortcomings and get your team to get past the mechanics of scanning and printing while also providing value to your patients so that they “see” complex data become simplified in real time and provide proactive preventative solutions that motivate to take action collaboratively. Such is the case with orthodontics and smile design, as well as handling dental emergencies with much less stress.

In this CE webinar:

  • Learn a system of building digital technology that gives your business more ROI.
  • Discover techniques to engage and excite your patients for more case collaboration and acceptance.
  • Handling challenging dental emergencies with innovation that simplifies and wows your patients.

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