Lucky Day for Dental Professionals: DMG Launches 13 LuxaPrint® Resins in Large Sizes for High Volume 3D Printing

03 April 2023

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey – April 1, 2023 DMG has expanded its LuxaPrint line of 3D printing resins by introducing 13 products in 2 kg and 5 kg sizes that are ideal for high volume dental lab printers like the Company’s DentaMile Lab 5 Pro printer. DMG also introduced six new LuxaPrint resins in 200 gram, 500 gram and 1000 gram size bottles. 

LuxaPrint resins are high-quality, light-cured resins for use with digital light processing (DLP) printers that work at a wavelength of 385nm. Each material combines fast printing with outstanding accuracy for all 3D printing needs. Customers can use these innovative resins for the 3D fabrication of a wide range of dental appliances: models (LuxaPrint Model), burn-out molds (LuxaPrint Cast), gingival masks (LuxaPrint Gingiva), custom impression trays (LuxaPrint Tray), surgical guides (LuxaPrint Ortho), bleaching and indirect bonding trays (LuxaPrint Ortho Flex), and mouthguards, nightguards and splints (LuxaPrint Ortho Plus).

Nine of the 19 new products are LuxaPrint Model options in two new color options: Transparent, available in five sizes (200 gram, 500 gram, 1000 gram, 2 kg and 5 kg), and Ivory, available in four sizes (all but 5 kg). The entire LuxaPrint line-up is summarized below:

LuxaPrint Resin Type            200gm           500gm           1000gm           2kg               5kg                  
Ortho Flex
Ortho Plus
Model (Transparent)
Model (Ivory)
Model (Beige)
Model (Grey)

This extensive expansion of the LuxaPrint resin line reflects DMG’s dedication to streamlining  dental professionals’ daily routines by continuously enhancing its product offerings in all areas, including 3D printing. The company’s complete 3D printing solution is designed to enable a more simplified, validated digital workflow. In addition to LuxaPrint resins, the DMG 3D offerings include cloud-based DentaMile connect software, the 3Demax printer featuring a compact footprint, the DentaMile Lab 5 Pro printer for high volume dental labs, the 3Dewash washing unit, and the 3Decure curing unit. 

Dental professionals may click here to request a 3D printed sample, and here to schedule a 3D printing demo.

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