LuxaCrown by DMG is Here!

06 September 2019

DMG today announced that it has begun shipping its LuxaCrown®️ semi-permanent crown and bridge material.

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LuxaCrown creates long-lasting semi-permanent crowns directly chairside, which saves time and money for both the patient and the practice. The easy-to-make  composite crown is highly esthetic and shows remarkable longevity of up to 5 years. LuxaCrown is ideal for crown and bridge work and implant procedures where phasing of treatment over several weeks or months is recommended, for geriatric and pediatric patients, and for patients who need an immediate same-day crown. LuxaCrown offers clinicians and patients the confidence, natural esthetics and economy while delivering the high strength, efficiency and reliability dental professionals have come to expect from DMG.

In-vitro studies have demonstrated LuxaCrown’s outstanding mechanical strength as well as its ability to preserve healthy dentition. It is reliably hard and resistant, with an exceptional fracture toughness (> 2 MPa*m0,5) that ensures stable restorations. By giving the remaining tooth long-term protection, LuxaCrown restores the anatomical form and masticatory function and deliver esthetic corrections. It is well suited for the long-term monitoring of treatment success while bridging the gap during healing stages and in difficult restorations.

According to Hugh D. Flax, DDS, AACD, MICOI, DABAD, “I am extremely impressed with the accuracy and stability of LuxaCrown.  It is very easy to manipulate. This is a product that dentistry has needed for a long time for multidisciplinary cases that require longevity.”

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