LuxaPrint Ortho Plus is now available for use with the 3Shape Splint Studio system

30 June 2022

You can now design high-precision splints using LuxaPrint Ortho Plus resin with one of the most successful 3D software systems. The appliance can be designed virtually using 3Shape Splint Studio, with all options available to the user. The splint can also be printed and reworked in the validated DMG DentaMile workflow. DMG’s comprehensive DentaMile portfolio offers the relevant materials as well as hardware and software.

LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

A Class II medical device, the light-cured 3D resin is designed for manufacturing occlusal splints within a 3D printing process. The high level of transparency is equivalent to vacuum-formed splints and enables the user to check for a precise fit. The smooth surface provides a comfortable fit. 

3Shape Splint Studio

3Shape Splint Studio, the go-to solution for designing a wide range of occlusal splints, is used in dental practices and laboratories. Thanks to the user-friendly software, users have complete control of the workflow. Splint Studio includes features such as a virtual articulator to set the desired contacts and functions. User-friendly tools and design settings facilitate optimum internal fit and retention. The user decides whether to produce designs in-house or forward them to a preferred manufacturing partner.

Splint Studio has optimized parameters for the validated DMG DentaMile workflow.

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