New Biocompatible Resin for Transparent Flexible Splint Fabrication Optimizes Compatibility With DMG’s 3D Digital Printing Solution To Increase Productivity

08 April 2021

Dentists and dental labs can now improve their flexible splint 3D printing productivity with DMG’s versatile and optimally elastic biocompatible resin, LuxaPrint Ortho Flex.

Ridgefield Park, NJ, April 8, 2021 - DMG America, will release a new resin material, LuxaPrint Ortho Flex, as part of their 3D Digital Printing Solution system. This biocompatible resin facilitates additive production of flexible splints, such as bleaching trays, and indirect bonding trays. Dentists now have the optimal solution to expand their services and meet rising patient demand for flexible splints.

3D Printing Appliances Improves Productivity

Digital technology is advancing at a rapid pace in the world of dentistry. 3D digital printing has emerged as an innovative tool that allows dental professionals to bring dental appliance production into their practices and labs. This can improve patient care, reduce the time from an initial appointment to delivery of the appliance, and enhance overall productivity and turnaround. 

DMG’s 3D Digital Printing Solution is designed to work optimally with LuxaPrint high-quality, light-cured resin materials, which currently include resins designed for the creation of custom impression trays, dental models, surgical guides and splints, gingival masks, and residue-free burn-out molds. 

When paired with LuxaPrint resins, digital workflow products like DMG’s 3Demax high-speed 3D printer, 3Dewash unit for washing 3D printed devices, and the 3Decure integrated curing unit enable every step of the digital printing process to occur seamlessly. With the added ability to fabricate flexible splints using LuxaPrint Ortho Flex, dental professionals now have even more options for their 3D printing systems.

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex Biocompatible Resin Optimizes Elasticity and Transparency of 3D Printed Flexible Splints

DMG’s new addition to their line of LuxaPrint resins, LuxaPrint Ortho Flex, can be used to 3D print flexible splints for a variety of applications. LuxaPrint Ortho Flex transforms dental offerings through five key qualities:

  • Versatile: Ortho Flex has multiple applications that can drive production in the dental practice, including the ability to form highly desirable bleaching trays.
  • Optimal Elasticity: LuxaPrint Ortho Flex provides the right amount of elasticity to allow for a secure fit without sacrificing comfort and wearability. For indirect bonding, it has the ideal material structure to enable precise placement of brackets. 
  • Highly Tear Resistant: Patients will love that the bleaching agent stays where it’s supposed to work and not on the gums. 
  • Easy to Clean: Rounding out the benefits of LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is how easy this flexible splint resin is to clean. 

Resin materials for applications like orthodontic tooth positioners, semi-permanent crowns and bridges, and removable prosthetic bases will also be released soon from DMG.

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