NEW FREE CE ALERT! Breakthrough Resin Infiltration for Early Caries

06 March 2023

Course Title: Minimally Invasive Treatments for Amazing Aesthetic Results

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Winter

Date / Time: Thursday, April 23rd, 2023 / 7:00pm ET

CE Credits: 1 Live, Interactive CEU

Course Description: We’ve all seen those patients who have white spot lesions on otherwise beautiful teeth. It can happen after ortho, it can be developmental, but it’s often something that causes them to be unhappy with their smile. Luckily for us, there is a solution that is painless and simple. In this CE webinar, Dr. Sarah Winter will go over a process called resin filtration. It’s a simple and effective solution for eradicating those white spots so our patients can feel confident in their smile once again. Whether it includes bleaching or in conjunction with your temporary restorations, minimally invasive treatments can be achieved with the right tools in your tool box

During this CE webinar, the participant will learn:

·         How to communicate with patients regarding resin infiltration treatment, how to set expectations and deliver results

·         To identify how to evaluate white spot lesions to develop a treatment plan

·         How to use resin infiltration in conjunction with other minimally invasive aesthetic treatment options to achieve a beautiful result

·         How to build credibility as an aesthetic dentist

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