Optimal Restorative Materials Are Critical To DSO Profitability And Patient Satisfaction

04 January 2023

"Learn how posterior composite restoration is crucial to provide excellent operational excellence, avoid gaps in clinical outcomes, and practice productivity using a new generation of bulk-fill composites led by Ecosite Bulk-Fill, which significantly impacts the clinical and financial success of dental groups and DSOs.

The materials advanced nanosubmicron technology avoids the two major drawbacks traditionally associated with Bulk fill composites: compromised esthetics due to high translucence and insufficient time to pack restoration.

Two studies were conducted to test Ecosite Bulk-Fill. One study tested the compatibility of Ecosite Bulk-fill to four different generations of bonding agents to dentin, and the other study compared the important properties of Ecosite Bulk-Fill and competitive materials."

Advantages of a packable material:

  • Applicable in one layer (up to max. layer thickness)/ Pourable materials require an additional cover layer.
  • Easy modeling of the filling or occlusal surface with excellent results.
  • Precision formation of contact-point with the neighboring tooth is significantly easier with a high-viscosity material.
  • In many areas, the mechanical properties of materials with high viscosity are significantly better than those with low viscosity. 

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