Website Redesigned with its Customers in Mind

24 April 2018

DMG America LLC announces a new website launch on April 1. Redesigned with its customers in mind, the wholly revamped website uses responsive design, making it easily accessible across all mobile devices. Visitors can readily choose a product category and quickly refine their search for quick access to extensive product information, thanks to its intuitive site navigation.

“The new DMG website offers a much more dynamic experience,” said Vice President of Marketing, Tim Haberstumpf.

It’s loaded with useful instructional videos, downloadable user reports, charts, quick guides, and more on-demand CE webinars than ever before.

Haberstumpf also said “It’s easier to explore, download information, and communicate with the company. We really worked on developing the right nomenclature, so people can find what they need quickly and easily.”

Each DMG product landing page now houses more valuable product information for users that’s easily downloadable. With convenient additions like crosslinking to its major social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) and an opt-in form for receiving updates, customers now have more ways to stay connected. Users will notice how clean, fresh, and streamlined the updated website looks, with connective images, lively colors, and testimonials from real dental professionals that use DMG products.

“DMG took a very strategic and mindful approach to improving this customer service, and we greatly expanded the amount of collateral material that we have to offer. The new website is much more comprehensive,” Haberstumpf said.