A complete 3D Digital Printing Solution

  • High-speed precision processing
  • Easy and user-friendly system
  • Large build plate for multiple device production
  • Software supported validated workflow
  • Indicated for a wide range of 3D dental applications
  • Accepts all standard STL files
  • RFID technology for automated material identification
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                  The 3Demax is a compact, high-precision, high-speed 3D printer that can be used for a wide range of applications using digital light processing (DLP) technology.

                  With ultra-fine resolution and a generously sized build plate, the 3Demax accurately produces surgical guides, burn-out casting molds, mouth guards, occlusal splints, crowns and bridges, physical models and more.

                  High Speed

                  The patented “Force Feedback” technology accelerates the printing by up to 50%. Using a highly sensitive load cell, each layer process is carefully controlled during printing, minimizing the risk of misprints.

                  Maximum safety and reliability

                  The DMG 3Demax is extremely easy to calibrate, and RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) eliminates misapplications by ensuring automatic material identification. In addition, process data documentation can be transparently verified and traced at any time, ensuring full compliance of Medical Device Regulation (MDR) safety requirements.


                  The DMG 3Dewash is a fully integrated unit that is designed for the washing of 3D printed devices using a DLP process. The pre-set programs systematically wash the remaining non-polymerized resin from the dental application.


                  The DMG 3Decure is a fully integrated curing unit that is used for the curing of 3D resins with 360° illumination. The pre-set curing programs lock in the printed devices mechanical properties ensuring proper curing according to individual resin specifications.

                  DentaMile connect

                  Leveraging the full potential of 3D printing requires connected and aligned components, as well as a documented fabrication process.

                  The intuitive DentaMile connect is a cloud-based software solution that makes the entire process and 3D production easier, faster and safer. The medical device workflow is secured and validated, errors are minimized and new applications are made available without additional technical expertise.


                  171355 DMG 3Demax (complete with Force Feedback, Netfabb Slicing Software and accessories)
                  171316 DMG 3Dewash
                  171317 DMG 3Decure
                  170319 DMG 3Demax Resin Reservoir
                  170320 DMG 3Demax Resin Reservoir Cover
                  170321 DMG 3Demax Resin Reservoir Storage Cabinet


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