Digital 3D printing solutions for dental labs

  • High-speed precision processing
  • Easy and user-friendly system
  • Simple and user-friendly system
  • Large build plate for multiple device production
  • Software supported validated workflow
  • Indicated for a wide range of 3D dental applications
  • Accepts all standard STL files
  • Excellent ROI

                  Maximum Reliability, Minimal Footprint

                  The 3Demax is a compact high-precision,high-speed 3D printer that can be used for a wide range of 3D printing applications. Individual units are printed layer by layer with a digital light processing technology.

                  With ultra-fine resolution and a generously sized build plate, the 3Demax accurately produces surgical guides, burn-out casting structures, mouth guards, occlusal splints, crowns and bridges, physical models and more.

                  High Speed

                  The patented Force Feedback technology of the 3Demax accelerates the printing process by up to 50%. Using a highly sensitive load cell, the Force Feedback carefully controls each layer process during curing, enabling a significantly faster print speed compared to traditional programs while minimizing the risk of misprints.

                  Maximum Safety and Reliability

                  Extremely easy to calibrate, the user-friendly 3Demax utilizes advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to ensure reliable automatic identification of materials, eliminating any possible misapplications. In addition, process data documentation can be transparently verified and traced at any time, ensuring full compliance of Medical Device Regulation (MDR) safety requirements.


                  The 3Dewash cleaning unit offers systematic and standardized cleaning of printed devices. Pre-set programs are specifically designed and tailored to individual indications and materials for a user-friendly unit.


                  The 3Decure curing unit provides the final step of the 3D printing process. Pre-set programs ensure specific and appropriate curing according to individual material specifications and documentation.


                  171315 3Demax
                  171355 3Demax Force Feedback


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