PermaCem 2.0

Give Your Patients the Best Seat in the House

  • Strong self-adhesive bond to Zirconium
  • Outstanding bond across all substrates thanks to MDP technology
  • No etching step needed
  • Lower water sorption rate
  • Drip resistant and easy cleanup
  • Superior compression strength
  • Superior adhesive strength
  • Excellent shade stability
PermaCem 2.0

Bonus Points for your Practice

Minimal water sorption for...

  • Improved esthetics
  • Greater reliability
  • Good control of expansion forces

New adhesive monomer formula for...

  • Outstanding adhesive strength with zirconia, silicate ceramics and oxide ceramics
  • Strong adhesion even on metal and metal alloys
  • Reliable adhesion of glass fiber reinforced root posts and composite restorations
  • Permanent bonding with enamel and dentine

Special easy clean-up formula for...

  • An ideal combination of stability and flowability for a thin and continuous cement coating
  • Time-saving application
  • Exceptional flowability under pressure
  • The fastest and easiest excess removal of all other self-adhesive cements

Secure and simple with all materials.

Whether it’s inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges, indirect composite restorations or root post cementations, PermaCem 2.0 provides long-lasting, reliable luting with effective results. It works on all substrates!

Featuring the strongest bond to Zirconia

PermaCem 2.0 is proven to provide one of the strongest bonds to Zirconium restorations compared to the other leading self-adhesive permanent cements. Incorporating a recently developed adhesive monomer formula, the dual curing properties of PermaCem 2.0 offer an exceptional bond across all substrates.

Formulated for easy clean-up, the optimized viscosity and no-drip formulation provide for the fastest and easiest removal of excess, resulting in less stress and chair time. Plus as a single-step cement, it provides you with the added benefit of not requiring an etching step.

Whether it’s PFM, PTM or Zirconium restorations, give your patients the best seat in the house while delivering the utmost in strength, stability and esthetics with PermaCem 2.0. 

Various Indications – one Cement


Convenient to work with

  • Practical working times for a convenient course of treatment
  • Reduction in operational steps
  • Quick application with multiple-step operations/restorations
  • Avoidance of cementation errors

(including mixing time)
0:30–1:00 min Removal of excess
(without light curing)
1–2 s Pre-light curing time to make removal of excess more feasible (optional)
7:00 min Max. intraoral curing time
(including mixing time)
min. 20 s Light curing time (optional)


Now you can cement ceramic restorations with confidence, as self-adhesive luting composites such as PermaCem 2.0 do not require separate etching or bonding steps and therefore reduce postoperative sensitivity.

Superior Compressive Strength

  • Reliability at 249 MPa*
  • Dependable, long-term restoration adhesion

Outstanding Radiopacity

  • Easy identification of marginal gap quality and clinical diagnosis
  • Reliable monitoring, even of post-endodontic restorations

Excellent Shade Stability

  • Shade fastness verified to comply with ISO 4049:2009
  • Long-lasting esthetic ceramic restorations

*Internal measurements DMG , Hamburg 2011

Cementation Simplified.


PermaCem 2.0

213366 PermaCem 2.0 - A2 Universal Shade
1 9g Syringe
15 Standard Smartmix Tips
5 Endo Tips
213367 PermaCem 2.0 - A3 Opaque Shade
1 9g Syringe
15 Standard Smartmix Tips
5 Endo Tips
213368 PermaCem 2.0 - Transparent Shade
1 9g Syringe
15 Standard Smartmix Tips
5 Endo Tips

PermaCem 2.0 Accessories

213373 Endo Tip - M Refill Pack
1 Bag of 20


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