DMG Single Shade Ecosite One Evaluated by The Dental Advisor

Composite demonstrates superior color stability, shade matching, hardness, glossiness


Ridgefield Park, New Jersey – May 14, 2024. Ecosite One, the new, state-of-the-art single shade composite from DMG, was the subject of a recent evaluation by THE DENTAL ADVISOR that was reported in a “Translating the Science” article.

The innovative Ecosite One is the newest member of the complete family of Ecosite restorative composite materials that recently launched this January. The line includes Ecosite Bulk Fill – the original item in the line – and the newly launched anterior/posterior nanohybrid composite, Ecosite Elements.

The report indicated that Ecosite One demonstrated good color stability after intense simulated aging and staining and had less change in translucency than a competing single shade composite. According to the report’s authors, “Ecosite One in particular shows minimal change in color or translucency after aging in the 550-750 nm wavelength range responsible for yellow-red color, an important color range for apparent tooth shade. This indicates a good ability to continue to match the color of the surrounding dentition over time.”

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Other key findings noted in the report:

  • In shade matching tests between the two products, Ecosite One’s chameleon effect was apparent at placement and appeared to match most shades well. In contrast, the chameleon effect for the other single shade composite was not apparent until after light-curing.
  • In a “worst-case scenario” coffee staining test, Ecosite One demonstrated less change in translucency and less apparent color change on the reflectance curves after aging than the other single shade composite.
  • In a curing test in a laboratory environment, one 10-second exposure using a 1100 mW/cm2 curing light produced approximately 4 mm depth of cure for Ecosite One and over a 5 mm depth of cure with a 20 second exposure.
  • Curing Ecosite One for 10 seconds with a 1,100 mW/cm2 LED curing light sufficiently cured  composites at the top.
  • Ecosite One was shown to deliver higher overall hardness than the competing single shade composite (86 vs 64 HV), which may have benefits in wear properties and higher modulus. The authors pointed out that hardness is a useful measurement of the quality of cure for a composite, and that higher hardness is a particular benefit for posterior composites to maintain shape under occlusal forces and reduce wear over time.
  • Ecosite One also has a higher gloss value at a similar relative surface roughness than the competing single shade composite, indicating that it is inherently glossier. It was also shown to exhibit a good balance of hardness to resist wear while exhibiting high polishability. The authors noted that this is important given that some composites with a high hardness take longer to polish, especially ones with larger filler particle sizes. The evaluation found that Ecosite One can reach the goal of roughly 200 nm of surface roughness after 10 seconds of polishing.

All Ecosite composites exhibit the breakthrough “Push-and-Flow effect.” Noticeably firm at the onset, the material quickly becomes significantly softer for ideal sculptability, enabling optimal adaptation and eliminating cracks and bubbles in the critical contact surfaces between the individual layers. All members of the Ecosite family also incorporate unique DMG-NC-1 (non-clustering) technology, which enables a homogenous distribution of particles to deliver optimum working characteristics and effortless polishability for a high-gloss finish, and outstanding esthetic results.

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