Bleaching Tray Workflow

Simple, precise, and efficient bleaching trays with DentaMile 

  • Perfectly fitting bleaching trays in just a few steps
  • Precise bleaching gel reservoirs
  • Bleaching gel stays on the teeth, not on the gums
  • No irritation of the gums
  • Easy and intuitive solution
  • No model preparation, no thermoforming means less labor and materials
  • Validated workflows: integrated cloud-based software, and powerful 3D printers and post-processing units, and high-quality material

Bleaching Tray Workflow

Design with you in mind

DMG DentaMile’s cloud-based bleaching tray workflow makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently make light, custom-fitted bleaching trays in-house. Quick, simple, and precise, the custom bleaching tray includes reservoirs for exact placement. Take advantage of the new options to ensure fast treatment without thermoforming processes or model preparation. Convenient and comfortable for patients, and economical for you.



A step-by-step overview: 

  1. Scan the patient’s teeth
  2. Automatically accept the patient’s case in DentaMile connect 
  3. Create the individual guided design in 3 steps
  4. Print bleaching trays with customized material reservoirs using your 3D printer or through a partner laboratory
  5. Carry out the bleaching process until the desired result is achieved
  6. Optional: caries infiltration treatment with Icon

Why patients will LOVE it:



Is bleaching merely a cosmetic process?

The desire for beautiful teeth goes beyond mere cosmetics – esthetic improvement directly impacts the patient’s quality of life. Combining bleaching with subsequent Icon infiltration treatment can often yield impressive esthetic results in the case of fluorosis, caries-related white spots, and even traumatic lesions.

Why practices will LOVE it:

  • In-office custom-fitted bleaching trays that are comfortable for patients 
  • practices with a 3D printer can print the trays for home bleaching during a dental visit
  • PTC treatment and give it to the patient to take home directly
  • The bleaching tray can also be used as a medication carrier for individual fluoride therapy


  • Bleaching Tray Workflow
  • Bleaching Tray and Icon Workflow