DentaMile connect

The cloud-based software that's breaking technical barriers

  • Cloud-based
  • Connectivity to dental labs, practices and designers
  • Automatic nesting and slicing
  • No software installation needed
  • Instant usability (minimal training required)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple import and editing of STL files
  • Case delegation: Easily send STL scans to users
  • Networking of all parties involved in the production process - perfect for multi-practice locations
DentaMile connect

3D Printing Your Way!

With the innovative DentaMile connect software, DMG strives to simplify dental 3D printing so dental practices and laboratories can efficiently integrate a digital workflow into their daily work routines.

The DMG DentaMile portfolio offers all the components needed for an efficient 3D digital workflow from a single source:

  • The revolutionary cloud-based software, DentaMile connect with 4 licensing options
  • A powerful DMG 3Demax printer with supplementary post-processing units, DMG 3Dewash and 3Decure
  • And, the high-quality LuxaPrint materials for dental 3D printing


Fast. Intuitive. Validated.

DentaMile connect is an innovative, cloud-based software system for the CAD/CAM manufacture of dental devices such as occlusal splints. With DentaMile connect, 3D printing has been simplified for everyday working environments – from dental practices to dental laboratories.

Our proprietary software ensures a secure and validated medical device production workflow with maximum data security. Errors are minimized and new applications are accessible without any added technical effort.

DentaMile connect ...

  • networks a wide variety of devices in the DMG workflow simply, quickly and securely
  • digitally displays and documents the processing steps
  • ensures the reliable and reproducible production of validated dental medical devices

DentaMile connect software: designed with you in mind

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple import and editing of STL files
  • Integrated slicing and nesting without system/technology changes
  • Work processes simplified and standardized
  • Validated, on-demand medical device fabrication
  • Easily meet MDR standards
  • Reproduce printed devices anytime


Data security

  • Encryption of patient data with the latest cloud technology from Microsoft Azure
  • Data protection and the highest level of data security are guaranteed
  • Consideration of regional data protection requirements (Microsoft Server, servers in Europe)
  • Automatic interim backup storage of designs


System requirements

There are no special system requirements.

DentaMile connect can be used with any operating system, and getting started is easy: all you need is a standard up-to-date set-up with a computer/laptop and an internet connection. 

For optimum performance, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome as your browser.

Something for everyone...

The DentaMile connect offers four (4) licensing options to network, delegate or create.

  • DentaMile connect's Creator and Creator Plus subscriptions allow you to create patient cases, upload STL files and delegate cases for design and printing.
  • The Designer option allows users to design print objects (i.e. splints) independently.
  • If you prefer working through the steps in the digital workflow including 3D printing and post-processing, the Producer license is the perfect option for you.


170904 DMG DentaMile connect Creator
170905 DMG DentaMile connect Creator Plus
170906 DMG DentaMile connect Designer
170907 DMG DentaMile connect Producer


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