DentaMile Desk MC System

  • Easy and User-friendly system
  • DentaMile connect ready
  • High precision for accurate printed devices
  • Indicated for a wide range of 3D dental applications
  • Validated workflow
  • Compatible with all standard dental CAD programs (STL files)
  • Compact design that fits anywhere
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DentaMile Desk MC System


A fusion of simplicity, practicality, and intuitive design

Jump straight into the world of digital dentistry with this cutting-edge validated solution, the DentaMile Desk MC system. Seamlessly integrated with plug and play technology, this comprehensive system ensures effortless coordination and immediate usability. The DentaMile Desk MC system delivers impressive performance, and high precision in a perfect compact size.

The complete solution includes: The solution includes: The DentaMile Desk MC-5, a compact, high-precision DLP 3D printer for precise printing; DentaMile Wash MC and DentaMile Cure MC, post-processing units with convenient pre-set programs.

Together with DentaMile connect and LuxaPrint resins, the DentaMile Desk MC system is your way into 3D printing

DentaMile MC-5 Printer

With its compact dimensions, the DentaMile Desk MC-5 DLP printer seamlessly fits anywhere and offers a spacious build platform area for the simultaneous production of multiple devices. The user-friendly printer is compatible with all standard dental CAD programs (STL files) and is DentaMile connect ready.

The 3D printer produces accurate and precise dental devices such as mouthguards, splints, nightguards, models, and bleaching trays.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy and user-friendly system
  • 2K Light engine
  • High precision for accurately printed devices
  • DentaMile connect ready
  • 385 Wavelength
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology
  • 5” color touch display
  • Indicated for a wide range of 3D dental applications
  • Compatible with all standard STL files

DentaMile Wash MC

The DentaMile Wash MC offers simplicity with its preset programs. Achieve fast and fully automatic cleaning of the 3D-printed devices with the generously sized cleaning container and multiple wash cycles. The magnetic mixer and removable basket ensure a thorough isopropyl alcohol cleaning of both devices and the unit.

DentaMile Cure MC

Designed with compactness and user-friendliness in mind, the DentaMile Cure MC seamlessly aligns with the 3D printer and wash unit. Equipped with Omni 360° technology, an advanced ultraviolet LED arrangement, it ensures uniform curing of 3D-printed devices. The dual-frequency technology, featuring two wavelengths, adequately cures various resins.


170500 DentaMile Desk MC-5 (complete with DentaMile CAM MC slicing software, build plate and mounting screw, material reservoir, multi-purpose scraper, wire cutter, tweezers, plastic scraper, power supply, LAN cable)
170501 DentaMile Wash MC
170502 DentaMile Cure MC
170510 DentaMile Desk MC-5 Resin Reservoir
170511 DentaMile Desk MC-5 Magnetic Platform
170512 DentaMile Desk MC-5 Flex Plate