DentaMile Lab 5

A validate and automated professional printer for high volume printing

  • Large build area for multiple device production
  • High precision 4K light source
  • RFID technology for automated material identification
  • High print speeds via Force Feedback technology
  • Automatic separation of the finished printed devices (ASM)
  • Automatic resin reservoir refill
  • Heating of the print chamber up to 95° Fahrenheit/35° Celsius
  • Compatible with standard dental CAD software (STL files)
  • Automatic hood opening via foot sensor
  • Intelligent connectivity with post-processing units
  • Software-supported, validated workflow for reproducible dental devices
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DentaMile Lab 5

DentaMile Lab 5: Complete Validated Solution for Labs

The user-friendly DentaMile Lab 5, designed to meet the production needs of dental laboratories, features a large build platform, a high precision 4K light source, RFID technology for automated material identification, high print speeds via Force Feedback technology, automatic hood opening via foot sensor and intelligent connectivity with the DMG post-processing units. Plus, the large status LED bar keeps you informed of the print jobs every step of the printing process.

The automated material identification function of the RFID technology eliminates misapplications and ensures compliance with medical guidelines.

The resin temperature control enables the DentaMile Lab 5 to control and regulate the temperature of the resins.

DentaMile Lab 5 Pro: Automated Solution for Labs

In addition to all the features of the DentaMile Lab 5, the DentaMile Lab 5 Pro is a fully automated DLP printer. It features an automated separation module (ASM) and and automated resin reservoir refill. When printing is completed, parts are automatically separated from the build platform, deposited in a collection basket and the resin reservoir is refilled, ready for your next print job.

Force Feeback Technology: Fast Printing Speeds

The patented “Force Feedback” technology of the lab series accelerates the printing by up to 50%. It uses a highly sensitive load cell, and each layer process is carefully controlled during printing, minimizing the risk of misprints.


The DMG 3Dewash is a fully integrated unit that is designed for the washing of 3D printed devices using a DLP process. The pre-set programs systematically wash the remaining non-polymerized resin from the dental application.


The DMG 3Decure is a fully integrated curing unit that is used for the curing of 3D resins with 360° illumination. The pre-set curing programs lock in the printed devices mechanical properties ensuring proper curing according to individual resin specifications.

DentaMile connect

Leverage the full potential of 3D printing with integrated components and a documented production process.

The intuitive DentaMile connect, a cloud-based software, makes the design process and 3D production easier, faster and safer. The guided workflows simplify the design process into smaller, easy-to-follow steps that generate great results. Plus, it uses an algorithm that automatically nests and slices for you and gets you printing quicker! 


170352 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 (complete with: Force Feedback, Netfabb Slicing Software and accessories)
170353 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Pro (complete with: Automatic Part Separation, Automatic Resin Refill, Force Feedback, Netfabb Slicing Software and accessories)
171316 DMG 3Dewash
171317 DMG 3Decure
170400 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Accessories Pack
170401 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Reservoir Tank
170402 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Reservoir Tank Cover
170403 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Reservoir Storage Box
170405 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Build Platform
170410 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Pro Cutting Knife
170411 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Pro Catch Basket
170412 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Pro Refill Hose
170413 DMG DentaMile Lab 5 Pro Accessories Pack