A complete hygiene system for all your prophylaxis needs

  • Reliable protection due to xylitol and fluoride
  • Great tasting flavors developed in consultation with food industry professionals
  • Gluten, aspartame and saccharin free
  • Convenient application options

Protection and Preservation of teeth instead of drilling.

Dentists are always emphasizing a preventive approach. More and more patients are taking the same approach. Professional tooth cleaning at the dental office plays an important role.

Kolorz is available in a paste, foam/gel and varnish for a perfect hygiene system. They contain xylitol and fluoride without added sugar in great tasting flavors. Your patients will be amazed.

Better prevention with Kolorz.

Dental practices encourage minimally invasive therapy. Kolorz offers a complete system for all your preventative needs. 

Great tasting flavors.

Combine watermelon with cherry. And add a little kick with a hint of triple mint. Who says that professional tooth cleaning cannot be fun and tasty?!

With a choice of flavors, Kolorz becomes a great experience.

Better taste means better acceptance.

Contains Xylitol.

Kolorz contains xylitol – a sugar substitute that reduces the cariogenicity of plaque.

Its cariostatic and anticariogenic effect is proven by clinical studies. Streptococcus mutans and many other acid-forming bacteria cannot metabolize xylitol so they die. This prevents the bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth as a biofilm.

Promotes remineralization.

There is no question that fluorides are important for healthy teeth. They prevent demineralization, promote enamel remineralization and increase the resistance of enamel against acid attacks. 

Distinct advantages of prophylaxis.

Kolorz is more than just another prophylaxis product.

The prophylaxis line consists of great products, each with an important task.

You have a paste to remove plaque and discolorations. Gel or foam to strengthen the enamel. And a varnish for dependable protection and desensitizing.