The perfect finishing touch for your provisionals

  • High gloss shine without polishing
  • Exhibits life-like appearance
  • Enhances the esthetics of temporary restorations
  • Minimizes the accumulation of plaque and debris
  • Greater protection
  • Improved stain-resistance
  • Light curable
  • Quick and easy application

LuxaGlaze Physical Properties

Property  Value


Silicon dioxide in a matrix of Bis-GMA & other dental resins, catalyst, stabilizer, pigments

Setting Time  

Light Cures in 10 seconds


Store at < 25°C / 77° F

The perfect finishing touch for any provisional!

LuxaGlaze is a one-bottle light-cured varnish for glazing the surfaces of provisional crowns and bridges. It light-cures in as little as 10 seconds, providing a quick, easy and esthetically superior alternative to mechanical polishing. LuxaGlaze was designed to be the perfect finishing touch for temporaries fabricated with Luxatemp, but is also ideal for improving the esthetics of any provisional material.  

The one-bottle varnish system gives a provisional a natural, smooth and shiny appearance and hinders plaque formation and debris at the same time.

Your patients will love the lifelike high-gloss finish that greatly enhances the look of their temporary restorations!



212075 LuxaGlaze Kit
1 5ml dropper bottle
1 Mixing pallet
25 Soft disposable application brushes


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