Luxatemp Ultra
Temporaries that last.

Luxatemp Ultra – Preffered by dentists, loved by patients

Luxatemp Ultra

Rated #1 in flexural strength

Unsurpassed break resistance

Fluorescence added for outstanding esthetics

Luxatemp Ultra, a look that is hard to beat. 

For more than two decades the name Luxatemp has been associated with precision-fit temporary crowns and bridges, and Luxatemp Ultra has raised the bar, yet again. Incorporating proprietary nano technology, Luxatemp Ultra continues the Luxatemp tradition of leading the dental industry's provisional category.

Luxatemp Ultra boasts of its industry-leading flexural strength, break resistance and improved initial hardness, for temporaries that are more stable than ever before.

The extraordinary color stability of Luxatemp Ultra offers a guarantee you can rely on. It also provides additional benefits in practical use: The material reaches its final hardness quicker.

The benefits that have long been associated with Luxatemp have, of course, all been preserved: top esthetics and excellent working properties.

* Reality Now, October 2011, number 228, p.1.

  "I could not practice esthetic dentistry without Luxatemp." - Dr. Larry Rosenthal, DDS, P 


The best just got better: Luxatemp Ultra.

Stronger and more durable than ever.

Luxatemp temporaries last longer because during development the emphasis was placed on the mechanical stability of the product. In addition to an improved initial hardness, Luxatemp Ultra has incredible values with regard to break resistance and flexural strength providing greater stability and durability. Flexural strength, in particular, determines the point at which the material gives way and breaks. Ultimately, this is how the success of a restoration is measured since minor deviations can be critical, especially with two-unit and multi-unit temporaries. A recent major university study found that Luxatemp Ultra surpasses all leading temporary materials in flexural strength.

Outstanding esthetics, with superior stability.

Like its predecessor Luxatemp Fluorescence, Luxatemp Ultra also impresses esthetically. The material’s fluorescence is similar to that of a natural tooth. The six (6) different shades give a dentist plenty of options to create a harmonious, natural overall picture. Especially beautiful: the good impression lasts. Luxatemp Ultra's excellent color stability gives long-term temporaries a lastingly attractive appearance.

A fast and easy fit.

Luxatemp Ultra makes it fast and easy to craft temporaries that fit precisely, thanks to its superior handling characteristics.  The material has optimal flow characteristics, cuts and handles easier, and cures faster.  The convenient Automix and Smartmix systems simplify the mixing and the application process.

Perfect when everything comes together like that.


“Having been in clinical practice for over 30 years and educating other dentists for the past 25, there are only a few products that stand out as the very best!  One of these is Luxatemp.  Since my initial use in 1996, to the restorative case I prepared and provisionalized yesterday, this is definitely a product I could not be without.  Other provisional materials may claim they are equal to Luxatemp, but that is just not the case and no other provisional material has stood the test of time and proven its excellence like Luxatemp.  I use it in my practice daily and it has been my material of choice in all of my live-patient hands-on courses for the past 20+ years.” — Dr. David S. Hornbrook

A comprehensive product range for perfect temporaries.

Luxatemp Ultra: A new level of temporary restorations

Luxatemp Ultra continues to deliver the unmatched esthetics synonymous with the Luxatemp name.  Along with superior color stability, Luxatemp Ultra includes fluorescence, to create temporaries that look more like natural teeth in all lighting conditions.  It is available in 6 different lifelike shades to provide excellent esthetics for every case (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and Bleach Light). 

Besides Luxatemp Ultra, we offer the award-winning Luxatemp Fluorescence, Luxatemp Automix Plus and Luxatemp Solar, a dual-curing variations with a long rubber-elastic phase particularly suited for multi-part restorations.

DMG offers other complementary products related to temporary restorations and Luxatemp Ultra – from high-gloss varnish to cement.

LuxaFlow Ultra: Esthetic add-ons and repairs

LuxaFlow is a fluid, light-curing composite specifically developed for temporary restoration add-ons and repairs. It's also well-suited for smaller fillings and underfillings.

TempoCem®ID: Beautiful esthetics thanks to optimal transparency

Formulated for optimal transparency, TempoCemID, a temporary luting cement, will never impact the shade of your provisional, making it an ideal choice for both posterior and anterior restorations alike. 

TempoCemNE: Temporary cementations for all situations

The non-eugenol formula is perfect for cases in which a resin material or a resin reinforced glass ionomer will be used for the final restoration.

LuxaGlaze: High gloss shine without polishing

LuxaGlaze is a one-bottle light-cured varnish for glazing the surfaces of provisional crowns and bridges that gives temporaries a natural shine.

Luxatemp Ultra Physical Properties

Property Value     Property Value

Insertion in the mouth [min]



Flexural strength after 24 h [MPa]


Removal from the mouth [min]



Tensile strength after 24 h [MPa]     


End of setting [min]



Barcol hardness after 24 h


Compressive strength after 24 h [MPa]



Water absorption [μg/mm³]


Luxatemp Ultra Automix, Automix Refill - A1 Shade 1 76gm Cartridge 15 Mixing tips

Item # 110906

Luxatemp Ultra Automix, Automix Refill - A2 Shade 1 76gm Cartridge 15 Mixing tips

Item # 110907

Luxatemp Ultra Automix, Automix Refill - A3 Shade 1 76gm Cartridge 15 Mixing tips

Item # 110908

Luxatemp Ultra Automix, Automix Refill - A3.5 Shade 1 76gm Cartridge 15 Mixing tips

Item # 110909

Luxatemp Ultra Automix, Automix Refill - B1 Shade 1 76gm Cartridge 15 Mixing tips

Item # 110910

Luxatemp Ultra Automix, Automix Refill - Bleach Light Shade 1 76gm Cartridge 15 Mixing tips

Item # 110911

Luxatemp Ultra Smartmix, Smartmix - A2 shade 1 15gm Syringe 10 Mixing Blue-Green Tips

Item # 110901

Luxatemp Ultra Smartmix, Smartmix - B1 Shade 1 15gm Syringe 10 Mixing Blue-Green Tips

Item # 110904

Luxatemp Ultra Smartmix, Smartmix - Bleach Light Shade 1 15gm Syringe 10 Mixing Blue-Green Tips

Item # 110905

Luxatemp Ultra Accessories, Type 50 10:1/4:1 Applicator Gun

Item # 110411

Luxatemp Ultra Accessories, Luxatemp Automix Tips (Bag of 25)

Item # 110351

Luxatemp Ultra Accessories, Luxatemp Smartmix Blue-Green Tips (Bag of 25)

Item # 110991