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Honigum Pro

Honigum Pro is the only VPS-material that goes where you want it, stays where you place it, and has the unique ability to thin under load. It makes its way into the tiniest of crevices and hard-to-reach areas that other impression materials can simply miss.

The combined exceptional tear strength + resistance to breakage ensures effective removal of the impression, preventing the need for retakes, including for prosthetic implant restorations.

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Honigum is a complete innovative, premium vinyl polysiloxane impression material system that offers unmatched detail and exceptional strength to resist tearing upon removal, creating perfect fitting restorations of all types with no need for retakes. It’s patented micro-crystalline wax matrix provides superior flowability and outstanding stability under pressure, reaching even the tiniest of crevices to deliver maximum precision impressions. 

Discover Honigum