Ecosite Bulk Fill

Where Speed and Beauty Become One.

  • Fill up to 5mm – no capping layer needed.
  • One quick 20-second light cure
  • Excellent adaptation, packability, and handling
  • High polishability for superior esthetics
  • Low shrinkage stress
  • Does not stick to instruments
  • Releases fluoride
  • Functional and practical shade system
Ecosite Bulk Fill


Introducing the Next Generation Bulk Fill

Designed to deliver superior esthetics and perfect adaptation with one quick 20-second light cure, Ecosite Bulk Fill is the new generation of bulk fill composites for all your posterior restorations. Fill up to 5mm with no capping layer needed.

Its ability to flow smoothly under pressure ensures high packability without sticking to instruments. It reliably cures in a single-layer application to the depth of 5mm while providing unmatched handling, polishability and superb adaptation. It also provides protection by releasing fluoride.

Ecosite Bulk Fill is available in convenient dispensing syringes and safetips (compules). 

Functional and Practical Shade System

Ecosite Bulk Fill offers a functional and practical shade system with two all-purpose and esthetic shades, Universal and Light, including Contrast where contrast with the tooth is desirable.

The Universal and Light shades are ideal for color match with the surrounding tooth structure and the Contrast shade is perfect for for core build-ups.

Ecosite Filler Technology

Ecosite’s special nano-technology enables extremely homogeneous distribution of submicron particles ensuring outstanding low shrinkage stress and optimum polishability for a high shine finish.

SEM Images

This optimum filler technology guarantees outstanding workability.

Source: Internal images, DMG, 2016

Ecosite Bulk Fill is Indicated For

  • Dental fillings in the posterior region (Classes I and II including replacement of individual cusps)
  • Restorations of Class V (cervical caries, root erosions, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Core build-ups
  • Fillings in deciduous teeth

Single-layer technology up to 5 millimeters

On-Demand CE Webinar

Webinar Course: Modern Composite Techniques for Every Dental Practice

Dr. Mark Kleive, D.D.S. discusses the use of modern techniques and modern materials to improve both efficiency and outcomes for direct composites. Please click on the link below for an Ecosite Bulk Fill on-demand CE webinar with Dr. Kleive.


Intro Kits  
220750 Ecosite Bulk Fill Syringe Intro Kit
3 Syringes of 4gm in the shades Universal (2 x) and Light (1 x)
1 5ml bottle of Ecosite Bond
220751 Ecosite Bulk Fill Safetips Intro Kit
48 Safetips of 0.25gm in the shades Universal (32 x) and Light (16 x)
1 5ml bottle of Ecosite Bond
220752 Ecosite Bulk Fill Syringe
1 4gm Syringe - Light shade
220753 Ecosite Bulk Fill Syringe
1 4gm Syringe - Universal shade
220754 Ecosite Bulk Fill Syringe
1 4gm Syringe - Contrast shade
220755 Ecosite Bulk Fill Safetips
16 0.25gm Safetips - Light shade
220756 Ecosite Bulk Fill Safetips
16 0.25gm Safetips - Universal shade
220757 Ecosite Bulk Fill Safetips
16 0.25gm Safetips - Contrast shade


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  • Ecosite Bulk Fill
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