NEW! Ecosite One

The innovative Ecosite One layering composite is setting new standards in the field of posterior restorations using just one shade! The Push-and-Flow effect provides excellent handling, while a curing depth of 3mm and rapid polymerization of 10 seconds saves valuable time. It's a faster procedure for dentists, with stunning results for patients.

Discover Ecosite One

Ecosite One. A faster procedure for dentists, a stunning result for patients.

The layered composite resin that works: The Push-and-Flow effect developed by DMG reliably provides excellent adaptation to the cavity walls and flexible sculptability in the occlusal area.

Thanks to the chameleon effect, Ecosite One simplifes shade selection with just one shade needed to ensure a rebliable, perfect match for all posterior application cases.


The layered composite resin that makes it simple: Save valuable time with posterior tooth restorations, thanks to a curing depth of 3 mm and a rapid polymerization of just10 seconds.

Use it Confidently for

  • Dental fillings in the posterior region (Classes I and II, including individual cusps)
  • Class V fillings
  • Core build-up
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Restorations in deciduous teeth

Ecosite One. Simply matches. Always. 


Ecosite One

Effortless polishability for a high-gloss finish

Low shrinkage stress

Valuable time savings thanks to 3mm curing depth and 10 sec rapid cure

Ecosite One in detail

The innovative Ecosite One universal shade composite sets new standards in the field of posterior restorations using just a single shade.

Ecosite One

Ecosite One Syringe, 1 @ 4gm  ea

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Ecosite One Safetips

Ecosite One Safetips, 16 @ .25gm ea

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