Ecosite Elements - Coming Soon!

  • Intuitive and straightforward shade concept
  • Exceptional handling for maximum safety and precision
  • 98 % of all typical treatments with just one material
Ecosite Elements - Coming Soon!

Ecosite Elements
The Modern Art of Composite

Intelligent shade system with perfect precision

With its intuitive shade scheme, Ecosite Elements has everything you need for impressive results. Its secret is the intelligent shade combination using a maximum of three modules. It enables naturally esthetic restorations with any working technique. Intuitive, absolutely practical and at the same time surprisingly efficient.
A maximum variety of combinations and especially speedy polishing – the shades, divided up into three modules, are easy to combine to create superb results. Depending on the requirements, you can quickly find exactly what you need for your work in the anterior and posterior regions. And thanks to the thin layer of our Highlight shades, you can easily replicate the individual character of each tooth. For natural, convincing restorations.

Maximum variety of combinations

The combination options of the intelligent shade system and its particularly high-quality characteristics enable treatment across the entire range of indications. For anterior or posterior regions, monochromatic or layer technique - Ecosite Elements will never fail to impress you with its rapid and spectacular high-gloss polish and stunning chameleon effect.

               An overview of all combination options                                                Layering guide


Exceptional handling
Thanks to NC1 technology.

Thanks to the innovative NC1 technology (»nonclustering «), this nano-hybrid composite meets all the requirements of day-to-day work. Its mechanical values are fully state of the art and are perfectly suited for the anterior and posterior regions. With the precise silanization of individual ultrafine filler elements, the NC1 technology enables a particularly homogeneous distribution, resulting in optimum working characteristics, a maximum polish and sparkling results.

Thanks to the Push-and-Flow effect, the material adjusts to the particular requirements of each situation. The initially firm consistency quickly becomes noticeably softer during modeling. The material can be securely adapted to the cavity walls, anatomical details can be accurately designed.

Everything at your fingertips
Efficient and organized

Behind every restoration is a complete treatment process that needs to be efficiently supported. Ecosite Elements is therefore more than just a material. The practice-oriented module combination with matching shade guides, and the new, uncompromisingly user-friendly dispenser are all available.


1 Syringe @ 4 g    
  Shade B1 REF 220807  
  Shade A2 REF 220808  
  Shade A3 REF 220809  
  Shade A3.5 REF 220810  
  Shade A4 REF 220811  
  Shade EB (Enamel Bleach) REF 220812  
  Shade EL (Enamel Light) REF 220813  
  Shade EM (Enamel Medium) REF 220814  
  Shade ED (Enamel Dark) REF 220815  
1 Syringe @ 2g    
  Shade INC (Incisal) REF 220816  
  Shade OA2 (Opaque A2) REF 220817  
  Shade W (White) REF 220818  
  Shade B (Brown) REF 220819  
16 Safetips @ 0.25 g    
  Shade B1 REF 220820  
  Shade A2 REF 220821  
  Shade A3 REF 220822  
  Shade A3.5 REF 220823  
  Shade A4 REF 220824  
  Shade EB (Enamel Bleach) REF 220825  
  Shade EL (Enamel Light) REF 220826  
  Shade EM (Enamel Medium) REF 220827  
  Shade ED (Enamel Dark) REF 220828  
1 Safetip-Dispenser Pro REF 220829  
1 Ecosite Elements Shade Guide Pure REF 220832  
1 Ecosite Elements Shade Guide Layer REF 220833  


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