LuxaFlow Ultra

 LuxaFlow Ultra for life-like repairs

  • Natural-looking results
  • Add-on resin for bisacryl provisionals
  • Optimum Flowability
  • Non-Slumping Formula
  • Light-cured
  • High Precision Syringe-Tip Delivery
  • Precise provisional color matching
  • Radiopaque
LuxaFlow Ultra

LuxaFlow Ultra is the ideal add-on resin for use with Luxatemp. Specifically designed for excellent compatibility with Luxatemp Ultra and other bisacryl provisional materials, LuxaFlow Ultra is formulated with fluorescence to affect a completely natural looking result.

Formulated for a completely natural look, it is highly polishable for optimum esthetic results and allows you to create more lifelike additions and repairs. 

Delivered from a high precision syringe tip dispensing system, LuxaFlow Ultra provides excellent flowability in a non-slumping formula. It allows ease of blocking out undercuts, repairing enamel defects, voids, margins, as well as sealing gingival margin interfaces.

LuxaFlow Ultra remains radiopaque for easy diagnosis. The ability to light cure it provides controlled working time and unsurpassed strength.

The precise provisional color matching is ideal for building temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers and is available in five shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, and B1.


LuxaFlow Ultra

211751 Intro Package
1 1.5gm syringe of A1
1 1.5gm syringe of A2
1 1.5gm syringe of A3.5
1 1.5gm syringe of B1
20 Syringe tips
211753 A1 Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A1
10 Syringe tips
211754 A2 Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A2
10 Syringe tips
224003 A3 Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A3
10 Syringe tips
211755 A3.5 Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A3.5
10 Syringe tips
211756 B1 Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of B1
10 Syringe tips

LuxaFlow Accessories

211759 Bag of Syringe Tips
20 Syringe tips


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