TempoCem ID.
It stands out by blending in

TempoCem ID – It stands out by blending in

TempoCem ID

Excellent aesthetics thanks to optimum transparency

Optimal bonding with easy removability

High degree of user-friendliness and excellent flow and mixing properties

TempoCem ID in detail


From the makers of Luxatemp, TempoCemID delivers standout performance by blending in. This esthetic, temporary cement is invisible when you want it to be, yet detectable when you need it to be.

Innovatively formulated for optimal transparency, TempoCemID will never impact the shade of your provisional, making it an ideal choice for both posterior and anterior restorations alike.

Unlike other esthetic clear temporary cements, excess TempoCemID is readily detectable (even below the gum line) and can often be easily removed in one piece.

Non-eugenol TempoCemID flows and mixes easily for best handling, has optimal adhesion, doesn’t stick to instruments and is indicated for temporaries.

See your esthetic worries vanish before your eyes with TempoCemID.

"This is the perfect cement for my anterior temporaries! I love the ease of use and clean-up.  TempoCemID has now become our go to temporary cement!" — Dr. Gary Radz, DDS 


TempoCemID Timing


Working Time

 1:00 min

Removal of excess material (without light-curing)

 1:15–2:00 min after insertion of the restoration

Light-curing time for removal of excess (optional)

 1–2 s per side

Intraoral curing

 6:00–7:00 min


 20 s per side

Invisible to Everyone But You

TempoCem ID

1 Smartmix Syringe @ 5 ml

20 Smartmix Tips Green

Item # 213200

TempoCem ID, Smartmix Tips

50 Smartmix Tips Green

Item # 110728