For add-ons and repairs

  • Optimum flow characteristics
  • Highly polishable
  • Non-slumping formula
  • Light-cured
  • Delivery system ensures precise placement

LuxaFlow Physical Properties

Light Cure Time30 seconds
Depth of Cure2mm
Compressive Strength240 Mpa
Flexural Strength105 Mpa
Flexural Modulus3984 Mpa



The LuxaFlow System is the first composite formulated specifically for use as an add-on resin for Luxatemp and other bisacryl provisional materials. LuxaFlow is ideal for blocking out undercuts, for fillings, for cavity classes III, IV and V and as a solution for enamel defects.

The optimum flow characteristics allows ease of repairing voids and margins. It is also effective in creating a seal in the gingival interfaces. So, you can use LuxaFlow to fill, build-up or repair almost any bisacryl provisional.

The non-slumping formulation allows the material to maintain its placement and the light-curing feature will allow you to control the working time to cure-on-the-demand while the syringe tip delivery ensures precise placement.

It's highly polishable resulting in excellent esthetic results. Available in a choice of four shades, A1, A2, A3.5 and B1, for precise color matching to the provisional.


LuxaFlow Accessories

211759 Bag of 20 Syringe Tips


211751 Intro Package 
1 1.5gm syringe of A1
1 1.5gm syringe of A2
1 1.5gm syringe of A3.5
1 1.5gm syringe of B1
20 Syringe tips
211753 Light (A1) Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A1
10 Syringe tips
211754 Universal (A2) Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A2
10 Syringe tips
211755 Dark (A3.5) Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of A3.5
10 Syringe tips
211756 Ultra-Lite (B1) Refill Package
2 1.5gm syringes of B1
10 Syringe tips