LuxaPrint materials for 3D printing

  • Resin material for 3D printing
  • High level of precision
  • Easy finishing and processing
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Complete LuxaPrint materials for 3D printing

LuxaPrint products are high-quality, light-cured resins for use with digital light processing printers that work at a wavelength of 385nm. Each material combines fast printing with outstanding accuracy for all your 3D printing needs.

LuxaPrint Tray

Indicated for the fabrication of custom impression trays.

LuxaPrint Model

The LuxaPrint Model is indicated for the fabrication of dental models. 

LuxaPrint Ortho

For the fabrication of individual surgical guides and splints.

LuxaPrint Gingiva

Indicated for the production of gingival masks.

LuxaPrint Cast

For the fabrication of residue-free burn-out molds (e.g. model and denture framework castings, crowns and bridges).

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex is a biocompatible material for the additive production of flexible splints such as bleaching trays, and indirect bonding trays.

LuxaPrint Ortho Plus

Indicated for the manufacturing of orthodontic tooth positioners, retainers and night guards. 


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