LuxaPrint Base

A perfect material for the production of removable prosthetic bases of all kinds

With the light-curing 3D printing resin, LuxaPrint Base, you can produce reliable, permanent denture base restorations that are safe and stable.

Highly precise and esthetic

Precision fit, state of the art: Compared to hand-made prosthesis bases, LuxaPrint Base offers a higher level of accuracy that can be reproduced at any time with its extremely low shrinkage and exceptional dimensional stability.

The two colors, pink and dark pink, provide a natural appearance and can be easily polished. 

Coming soon - LuxaDent

LuxaPrint Base and LuxaPrint Base Bond are perfect bond partners. They complement each other for a reliable and permanent bond between denture teeth and additively manufactured denture bases. Get started right away with the LuxaDent Bundle which includes LuxaPrint Base and Additive Base Bond. 

LuxaPrint Base Bond

Light-curing material for bonding prefabricated denture teeth made of acrylate or printed denture teeth made of composite with printed denture bases made of LuxaPrint Base.

  • Reliable adhesive bond
  • Perfect color match to LuxaPrint Base
  • Easy to use thanks to the dropper bottle
  • Long-term stability


Bonding made easy

LuxaPrint Base Bond makes it much easier to bond denture teeth to a printed denture base made from LuxaPrint Base. The adhesive is easy to apply thanks to the dropper bottle and is cured in one step together with the denture base saving time and achieving the best results!

The color of LuxaPrint Additive Base Bond is optimally matched to the LuxaPrint Base to support the esthetics of the restoration. 

LuxaPrint Base